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Atlantik Luxury Rentals is the leading company of Turkey in individual and corporate car rental services.

Since 2004, Atlantik Luxury Rentals is the fastest growing company in Luxury Car Rental. We executed hundreds of projects, succesful car Rentals, road show events with national and international customers.

Constant price policy, fast and effective proposal ability and highest customer service standarts are our main principles. Atlantik Luxury Rentals always follows the market and trends so that we add to our fleet newest and exceptional cars and SUVs.

We share our experiences with Turkey’s leading companies and we rent luxury, sedan, sports car for their project basis and long term needs.

Services for Companies:

  • Various car rental options upon your requests.
  • Car Rentals with or without drivers.
  • Turn-Key projects, car folio covers, license change processes.
  • Re-changing of cars into original.
  • Developing and applicating your projects for advertising, promotions.

We develop many ideas for your company;

  • Road Shows
  • Launches
  • Presentation activities
  • Route cars
  • Advertising cars

We are ready to make a difference for your brand, wriggling among other competitors and reflect your vision…

An unforgettable experience for your employees or customers:

  • Are you ready to have an unforgettable experience ?
  • We make exclusive days for your company with Ferrari, Camaro, Porsche or Corvette cars.
  • With our certified drivers, we give your employee the experience of driving a Ferrari.
  • Add a value to your employee and have fun.

For details and Project offers, please contact us.