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About Us


“We just rent you a car. What we sell is an unforgettable experience…”

Atlantik Luxury Rentals is the leading company of Turkey in individual and corporate car rental services. Since 2004, Atlantik Luxury Rentals is the fastest growing company in Luxury Car Rental. We executed hundreds of projects, succesful car Rentals, road show events with national and international customers.

Constant price policy, fast and effective proposal ability and highest customer service standarts are our main principles. Atlantik Luxury Rentals always follows the market and trends so that we add to our fleet newest and exceptional cars and SUVs.

We share our experiences with Turkey’s leading companies and we rent luxury, sedan, sports car for their project basis and long term needs.

Atlantik Luxury Rentals is proud of being chosen “ Rental Company with the highest customer satisfaction”

We believe that your car needs to reflect you and your trends and life quality. With our car fleet, we rent you prestigious, powerful and high quality cars. We are ready to rent you any cars beside BMW Rent in Turkey, Mercedes Rent in Turkey, Ferrari Rent in Turkey, Porsche Rent in Turkey, Maserati Rent in Turkey, Range Rover Rent in Turkey, Hummer Rent in Turkey and Chevrolet Rent in Turkey.

Luxury Cars are at your service with reasonable prices at Atlantik Luxury Rentals.

Like many other companies, let the number 1 rental company to serve you and make a difference…